Everything About Life is Amazing and I am Grateful


By turn of events, Yummy Laura is back up. My urge to document what’s going on in my crazy journey is too great to ignore!

I’m moving back to France. This will be the first time that I’ll be living in Paris.

I’ve moved internationally 8 times in the past 3 years and this is move number 9.

I left you after Hong Kong, but oh boy have I done a lot since then. Too much to document in this one blog post. You’ll get updates as time goes on.

I’m so grateful for life. As soon as I let go and believe in my dreams, everything comes into place. All my dreams come true when I have the determination to make them happen regardless of what “proof” or “experience” others have that could tell me that my dreams are impossible.

Everything is possible.

Watch what happens.

I Miss This


Those are photos of us just hanging out and working in our tiny little expensive bedroom in Hong Kong.

Currently, I am living in Toronto and just trying to get going in this city again after the move. My mind is a little curfulfled with all the things that need to be done in the month of April but I really cannot complain! Amazing things are in the works.

A Wonderful Night At The Peak

hong-kong-peak-1 hong-kong-peak-2 hong-kong-peak-3 hong-kong-peak-4 hong-kong-peak-5 hong-kong-peak-6 hong-kong-peak-7 hong-kong-peak-8 hong-kong-peak-9


I’m back home now, completely jet lagged. I went to be at 8 last night, woke up at 1am, went back to sleep at 7 am and woke up at 10am. Jet lagged.

Anyways, a couple of nights before I left, Max and went to Victoria Peak and had a romantic dinner together with an amazing view, amazing dinner, good wine, and a delicious dessert.

It was wonderful :)




Walking Around Hong Kong Searching For Breakfast









walking-around-hong-kong-7As soon as we woke up the other day, we went for a long walk to go find a delicious breakfast. The sleepiness and hunger really shows in those first two photos.

We could have had our normal breakfast but sometimes we want something extraordinary since pancakes really aren’t on the table in Hong Kong.

A few weeks ago we found this Western style bakery far down the road and we decided to go back to grab some croissants.

We then sat in a bench area behind a Buddhist temple where the sound of the birds slightly overpowered the sound of the traffic. It was a little getaway right in the middle of this busy/loud city.


Hey Yummy Laura, where are all of your yummy recipes?



(I just downloaded live writer and I’m obsessed with this Poloroid photo effect)

They are coming. I am having an exciting new feature coming up on the blog that will be focused on cooking but I won’t give you any more details about that just yet.

In the meantime, hold tight. I have been living in a kitchen with only one hot plate, no oven and no window so food blogging doesn’t happen.

And just to let you know I already have 103 food posts!!!

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4 Exciting Things Coming Up


I just wrote a post “4 exciting things coming up for Poet’s Circle” on my other blog and it inspired me to carry on this theme over here.

1) I’m going back home. I’m super excited about this. I have a lot to do once I get home with my business and some other things so it’s huge motivation to be excited about this. I will be leaving Max here in Hong Kong alone for two months but we are real experts at long distance relationships so two months will be a breeze.

2) So many exciting things coming up for Poet’s Circle that I’m adding this one in alone here. A call for photographers in Toronto!! Anyone?

3) I’ll be living with Bryan for the month of April. And do you know what that means? Yoga, cooking (he’s in chef school, yes he is), lots of chanting, energy healing and some good laughs.

4) A new exciting feature coming up here on the blog. I don’t want to give out anymore information about that because there is still a lot of prep work to go into this new feature but be prepared to have your mind blown!

So much to do to prepare for my homeward bound trip but I’m so busy shopping for souvenirs that I forget to worry about anything else.

Rooftop Barbecue (barbeque?) Hong Kong Style


My b-day was on Saturday. In the evening, Max brought me to our rooftop where there was many colourful balloons and candles everywhere waiting for me with a plethora of meat and of course some alcohol. We have a hammock on the rooftop, so I called shot gun and the night was wonderful. I have no photos from the b-day because I was committed to living in the moment instead of through my camera that night.

Luckily, we had over half of the meat left over plus a lot of extra candles and some left over wine. We reenacted that night, two nights later and I grabbed my camera!

Hong Kong style barbecue is when there are hot coals and you put marinated meat on a skewer and hold it there until it is done. There are many different types of meat and it’s quite interactive. Max and I were saying how ALL barbecues should be this interactive, where everyone cooks their own meat instead of one person cooking everyone’s meat.

Anyways it was super YUM and fun!

P.s. I could just spell check barbeque/barbecue but I’m not going to. end p.s.

The Ferry To Central

One day we decided to go on a walk. We had no idea where we were going but kept making twists and turns wherever we wanted to.

We entered a sketchy type of strip mall area and decided to run back because there was nothing there but I said, “Let’s just go a  little further and see what is there.”

Interestingly enough, it was th ferry dock! And for only 3.4 Hong Kong dollars (like 45 cents or something in Canadian) we hopped on the ferry and headed to the Island. We were going to go there anyways but via the subway, so it was such a treat that we made it there by ferry for a little change!