French Life So Far

WP_20150102_003 WP_20150102_001 WP_20150102_010As soon as we arrived in France we took the car and drove 8 hours to the South of France to visit Max’s extended family.

We have been in France for less tan 2 weeks but it already feels like so much has been seen and accomplished. Actually, it feels like we never left. Last year at this time we were in Europe as well…Luxembourg which is basically like a mini France/Germany and only a couple of hours away (by car) from Max’s parent’s place in Reims where we are staying right now while we search for an apartment in Paris.

Th pictures above are of Max’s grandparent’s house (on his dad’s side), which is called a “mas” in French. A mas is a big old stone house in the South of France. I love the yellow!

WP_20150102_014 WP_20150102_016We ate amazing, fresh, organic food while we visited. The top picture there is of wild boar that Max’s grandfather hunted himself. This wild boar only ate fallen fruit, grass and wild mushrooms for his entire life span. It tasted like pure luxury! It melted in my mouth! Oh la la!

The second picture is of Nougat, prepared the traditional way by La Mamie (grandmother) of Max. It only has almonds and honey but when prepared with a lot of muscle and a lot of love, it’s a dream in my mouth.

WP_20150101_003Besides the South of France, I’ve been sporting my grandmother’s fur jacket all around town. It fits perfectly in this country. My grandmother bought this jacket when she was 20 years old and almost never wore it. She has always been a modern women (and still is – she is online, on email/facebook, travels constantly, has seen the world, etc.). At a young age she worked two jobs to live her dreams. By day she was a typist (she can type faster and more precisely than anyone I know!) and at night she worked at a rollerblading drive-in burger joint in Winnipeg. At 17 she took the train down to Florida to take her first Caribbean cruise alone. I am always blown away when she surprises me with stories about the adventures she had!

And now I have her jacket and continue her legacy.

InstagramCapture_e4da9622-e7db-42d0-adb9-3da533ea1d5fRaw butter is virtually impossible to find in Ontario. Dairy products (except for certain cheeses_ must be pasteurized by law in Ontario. The French know better ;). Raw butter has a plethora of health benefits that pasteurized butter does not, including a pretty hefty vitamin K load. Vitamin K is essential for bone health.

InstagramCapture_b1a7f9da-7981-4098-a68f-3847ee5a37bcThe first thing I search for, wherever I live, is a health food store. I had visited this same health food store in the past, multiple times, but this time, upon our new French adventure, their selection of supplements and superfoods seemed to have doubled!

France is finally jumping on the natural health food wagon and it’s obvious by the fact that organic grocery stores have started to line the streets of Paris.

InstagramCapture_e7d4f208-d12f-43ef-806a-0d4a15635b71I started sewing dresses again. The sales have started here and Mondial Tissue (the greatest fabric store in the world) has tons of fabrics from 30-70% off. I had to jump on it. I now have two high quality dresses to wear because of it!

I have a couple of posts from the past that highlight other dresses I made while here as well. Check out this one, and this one, and this one.

WP_20150110_001Right now we are still in the process of finding an apartment in Paris. Max especially has spent the last week calling handfuls upon handfuls of apartments to find the one for us.

We found this one above, but never heard back from them. It was perfect!! I want a perfect Parisian apartment!

Send us some good apartment finding vibes!

Thanks for making it all the way to the end of this post…more cruise photos to come soon too!



San Juan, Puerto Rico

DCIM100GOPROWe arrived in San Juan on the 3rd day of the cruise. The 1st and 2nd days were spent completely at sea. This photo above was taken before we arrived to the island.

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPROArrived and in Tourist mode.

SanJuan-2 SanJuan-3 SanJuan-4 SanJuan-5 SanJuan-6 SanJuan-7You can’t visit Puerto Rico without trying a cigar. Although I didn’t try a cigar. I did however try a pina colado.

SanJuan-10Back on the ship and ready for another day of sailing to make it to the second island, St. Thomas.

We Went to Miami

Waiting in the airportWe drove from Ontario to the American side of Niagara falls so that we could take Southwest Airlines out of Buffalo to Miami. This is me, appearing to be tired but really just nervous to fly. I’ve flown over 30 times in the last few years and the fear still lingers. I’m figuring it out still.

DCIM100GOPROThis is the look on my face after every flight. We are in Miami here! We spent a day plus an overnight in Miami before boarding the cruise.

miami2DCIM100GOPROThere was one more night in Miami on the way home and some more beach going at that time.

The first day of the cruise was spent sailing to the Caribbean to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

More pictures to come.

A New Year in France

champagne in franceAs of yesterday morning, I am once again living in France.

I’m happy to be here.

Max, his parents, and I enjoyed champagne last night to celebrate Christmas and our arrival.

We will soon start an intense search for an apartment in Paris. I can’t wait to see what we find!


Everything About Life is Amazing and I am Grateful


By turn of events, Yummy Laura is back up. My urge to document what’s going on in my crazy journey is too great to ignore!

I’m moving back to France. This will be the first time that I’ll be living in Paris.

I’ve moved internationally 8 times in the past 3 years and this is move number 9.

I left you after Hong Kong, but oh boy have I done a lot since then. Too much to document in this one blog post. You’ll get updates as time goes on.

I’m so grateful for life. As soon as I let go and believe in my dreams, everything comes into place. All my dreams come true when I have the determination to make them happen regardless of what “proof” or “experience” others have that could tell me that my dreams are impossible.

Everything is possible.

Watch what happens.

I Miss This


Those are photos of us just hanging out and working in our tiny little expensive bedroom in Hong Kong.

Currently, I am living in Toronto and just trying to get going in this city again after the move. My mind is a little curfulfled with all the things that need to be done in the month of April but I really cannot complain! Amazing things are in the works.

A Wonderful Night At The Peak

hong-kong-peak-1 hong-kong-peak-2 hong-kong-peak-3 hong-kong-peak-4 hong-kong-peak-5 hong-kong-peak-6 hong-kong-peak-7 hong-kong-peak-8 hong-kong-peak-9


I’m back home now, completely jet lagged. I went to be at 8 last night, woke up at 1am, went back to sleep at 7 am and woke up at 10am. Jet lagged.

Anyways, a couple of nights before I left, Max and went to Victoria Peak and had a romantic dinner together with an amazing view, amazing dinner, good wine, and a delicious dessert.

It was wonderful :)




Walking Around Hong Kong Searching For Breakfast









walking-around-hong-kong-7As soon as we woke up the other day, we went for a long walk to go find a delicious breakfast. The sleepiness and hunger really shows in those first two photos.

We could have had our normal breakfast but sometimes we want something extraordinary since pancakes really aren’t on the table in Hong Kong.

A few weeks ago we found this Western style bakery far down the road and we decided to go back to grab some croissants.

We then sat in a bench area behind a Buddhist temple where the sound of the birds slightly overpowered the sound of the traffic. It was a little getaway right in the middle of this busy/loud city.