4 Exciting Things Coming Up


I just wrote a post “4 exciting things coming up for Poet’s Circle” on my other blog and it inspired me to carry on this theme over here.

1) I’m going back home. I’m super excited about this. I have a lot to do once I get home with my business and some other things so it’s huge motivation to be excited about this. I will be leaving Max here in Hong Kong alone for two months but we are real experts at long distance relationships so two months will be a breeze.

2) So many exciting things coming up for Poet’s Circle that I’m adding this one in alone here. A call for photographers in Toronto!! Anyone?

3) I’ll be living with Bryan for the month of April. And do you know what that means? Yoga, cooking (he’s in chef school, yes he is), lots of chanting, energy healing and some good laughs.

4) A new exciting feature coming up here on the blog. I don’t want to give out anymore information about that because there is still a lot of prep work to go into this new feature but be prepared to have your mind blown!

So much to do to prepare for my homeward bound trip but I’m so busy shopping for souvenirs that I forget to worry about anything else.

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One Response to 4 Exciting Things Coming Up

  1. I hope I’ll have the chance to pass 3 months or longer in Asia one day. Your pictures were great and really inspired me to bug my husband to spend more time in Asia.

    I wonder what the new feature could be…?

    I also always wondered about barbecue and barbeque. Maybe one is more correct than the other?

    Will you be heading back to Europe in 2013?

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