What I’m Particularily Grateful For Today

I’m finally busy!! I’ve waited a long seven months but finally I’m out visiting friends in the mornings, tutoring 4 sessions during the week, babysitting and trying to pick up the energy of the blog…oh ya, I’m also working out! I don’t know about you, but waking up early and having stuff to do all day long just feels awesome!

I’m following through with my 30 day challenge. I’ve only taken one day of rest since I began and I’m ready to increase the weights of the dumbbells for my arm exercises. And I know it’s only been a week but I am prone to upper back pain and it has really reduced.

I get to work with children. They are so energetic and I can really match their energy which I love! I also love how quickly children learn (English) and how fulfilling it is to see their progress.

I am grateful to be living in France of course. It really has been my dream for quite some time and I can’t forget this fact when I’m feeling frustrated. It’s actually quite rare that people completely follow through on their dreams so I’m quite proud about living here.

Max’s father came to Lille from Reims for the last 4 days for a course that he is taking. It’s great to have company over and it really livens up the apartment (and I have someone else to cook for!!!).

I’m always grateful for Max.

The great things that are happening to some of my best friends. I found out that one friend who moved to Canada from Italy 2 years ago with her boyfriend (who got a job in Toronto) finally landed herself a very good job and they got engaged! My best friend Maryam also got engaged!!

I’ve inconspicuously made a private little challenge to try to look really nice every single day. So I’ve been doing my hair and wearing more skirts and putting on mascara and stuff…I didn’t realize how wonderful this could make me feel!

Max will be going to Reims this weekend which really sucks but if I see it from the grateful side I am eager to get some undistracted work done on the blog and with my Buddhist study and catching up on some recipes with photos…You know what I’m saying.

And that’s that!

What are you particularly grateful for today?


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6 Responses to What I’m Particularily Grateful For Today

  1. Sara Louise says:

    Waking up early and getting loads done makes me feel energized! I love it!
    Bon weekend Laura :)

  2. I totally agree– I love those days when you have things going on all day long (but not in an overwhelming way). Hope you have a great productive weekend!

  3. Yay! All good things here. I’m happy for you! And I agree, being busy makes me happy!

  4. Laura says:

    I’m happy everyone agrees with that point!

  5. Thank you for sweet words:) Do you know what..I have the exactly same dream about living in the french countryside sometime…maybe we can live there together haha:)
    May I ask…where in France do you live now?

    LOVE Maria

  6. Laura says:

    @Maria…right now I’m living just 30 minutes away from Belgium in Lille…Beginning in June I’ll be in Reims (capitol of Champagne) with Max’s parents…and for August we all visit the family in Provence.

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