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A Wonderful Night At The Peak

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I’m back home now, completely jet lagged. I went to be at 8 last night, woke up at 1am, went back to sleep at 7 am and woke up at 10am. Jet lagged.

Anyways, a couple of nights before I left, Max and went to Victoria Peak and had a romantic dinner together with an amazing view, amazing dinner, good wine, and a delicious dessert.

It was wonderful :)




6 Responses to A Wonderful Night At The Peak

  1. Wow, you look smashing in red!

    I can’t believe it’s over – it seems like yesterday that you started blogging about your Asian adventures.

    So, I was wondering, did you ever get your Italian passport? I guess you applied in Ottawa? I’ve been living in Europe for the past 10 years thanks to my Italian passport. Good luck with your application.

  2. Not yet but I can get it in Toronto…there is one last step involved and then everything will be okay. It’s just a matter of going to the consulate now which I have to schedule.That’s encouraging to know that you are living in Europe with the Italian passport. And I cannot believe it’s over as well :(

  3. Hello! I am glad you had a wonderful stay at Hong Kong. I was reading an earlier post of yours about searching for jobs in France and it was very inspiring to see your determination! I especially enjoyed reading about your strong and profound connection with President Daisaku Ikeda. With kind of connection, you can always ensure victory in life!

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