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Rooftop Barbecue (barbeque?) Hong Kong Style


My b-day was on Saturday. In the evening, Max brought me to our rooftop where there was many colourful balloons and candles everywhere waiting for me with a plethora of meat and of course some alcohol. We have a hammock on the rooftop, so I called shot gun and the night was wonderful. I have no photos from the b-day because I was committed to living in the moment instead of through my camera that night.

Luckily, we had over half of the meat left over plus a lot of extra candles and some left over wine. We reenacted that night, two nights later and I grabbed my camera!

Hong Kong style barbecue is when there are hot coals and you put marinated meat on a skewer and hold it there until it is done. There are many different types of meat and it’s quite interactive. Max and I were saying how ALL barbecues should be this interactive, where everyone cooks their own meat instead of one person cooking everyone’s meat.

Anyways it was super YUM and fun!

P.s. I could just spell check barbeque/barbecue but I’m not going to. end p.s.

3 Responses to Rooftop Barbecue (barbeque?) Hong Kong Style

  1. First, happy birthday to you, my friend. Here’s to a terrific year to you.

    Your little celebration sounds like it was absolutely delightful (and delicious). You’re right … doing a bbq (see how I avoid having to spell it? lol) this way sounds better.

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