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30 Day Running Challenge: Results!!

I have lost track of the running challenge but I am sure it has been around 30 days and if you want to know if I completely succeeded in the challenge as I laid it out for you, then the answer is no.

I was completely smitten on keeping with my challenge for the vacation and I initially did! I ran in Reims and ran at the beginning of my stay in the South of France. Then Christmas came, then sickness came, then London came. Excuses, excuses.

Does this mean I will not run again? It absolutely does not mean that. The 30 day challenge was simply to get me into the swing of running again and it did exactly that! Therefore, if you look at it from another perspective, it was a success!

During those 30 days I was able to listen to my body and see what works in the running routine, and what doesn’t. So now I will tell you about these (very scientific) findings…

Running 2 days on, then 1 day off, does not work for me. It’s just a little too much stress on my body. I am sure that I tried to push myself too hard and started ignoring my body and running simply to complete the challenge.

Running 1 day on then 1 day off does work for me and I will continue to do that.

I cannot pressure myself to run on vacation. If the moment is right and a run is possible then surely I will go, but it is not worth interrupting my touring schedule (especially if I am only visiting for a short period of time), and it’s not worth putting extra stress on the vacation to try to fit in time to run. Also, vacation time is time to enjoy with the people closest to you. I wanted to really enjoy the food, drink the wine, stop worrying so much and I did just that!

When I was in London last week, Max and I walked for hours a day. When I came home at night I noticed that my legs felt as if they had run miles! We also tried some other fun activities like rock wall climbing which was a great arm workout!

Getting back into running when I came home was surprisingly so easy for me! I went for a 30 minute run and was able to cover so much more ground than I could before I left on vacation meaning that my speed had increased tremendously! This tells me that my body seriously needed that recovery time while I was away!

I also found that if the run isn’t fun then it is totally not worth going. I make it fun by listening to different music, running in the most beautiful scenery I can find, changing my course every few days, eating a lot afterwards (seriously fun!), taking a hot bath and stretching in it after the run, trying to beat Max’s speed every once in a while, etc., etc.

Another thing that motivates me to run is how awesome I feel afterwards! This feeling I cannot explain but it is awesome, trust me!

I’m now interested in other active sports as well. We are looking into rock wall climbing here in Lille, swimming and I have always been keen on yoga. Now that my heart and legs are becoming strong, the other muscles in my body want to catch up and the yoga helps to stretch everything out afterwards.

After these 30 days I realize that exercise is more than just for optimal health. Exercise is for fun and for feeling good. There is really no other reason to do it!

P.s. The first two weeks are semi-torturous on my legs as the muscles start to develop but that pain went away shortly after that!

Running Challenge: Day 12!!!

Woohoo! It’s day 12 on my running challenge and I am as pumped as I can be. I love this challenge and am only brainstorming what my next amazing challenge is going to be…hint, hint: It’s going to be along the lines of eliminating sugar for 30 days, so stay tuned.

Anyways, it’s day 12 and today is the day off, tomorrow I’ll be back at running for another 2 days in a row and yesterday I completed my second day of two in a row. Ahhhh, rest and relaxation day, at least for my body, not so much for my mind as I have much to do before this coming holiday.

Ok, yesterday I woke up not wanting to go for a run. This is the first time this happened since the start of the challenge. I tried to convince myself that I didn’t need to run and that my body deserved a day off. I ran in auto-pilot anyways, ignoring that inner voice and got dressed in my running clothes.

Then I proceeded to procrastinate…I procrastinating stretching, putting on my shoes, getting ready to leave the door, etc. The procrastination lead to me feeling irritable and I do not know how this happened but I ended up sulky, on my bed, staring at my legs and not really thinking much when it hit me! I needed to get out on that run and let this “irritable tension” out of my body. And so I left to run. I will not give up!

I am glad I did it because I ended up coming home a lot more grounded and productive the whole day through…and nicer to those around me ;)

One thing I observed with my physical body so far is that on the second day of the two days in a row of running (you can read about the schedule here), my lower abdomen cramps pretty bad for the first 15 minutes or so…it kind of feels like menstrual  cramps which are ALWAYS dreaded. They go away after half the run so I have taken them to mean that my abdominals are building strength (keeping me up straight while running).

Max suggested that I run one day and take a day off if this is bothering me, but I think for now, I will stick with the same schedule because I love running and do not want to reduce my days out there.

Another interesting phenomena that is happening: For the last ten minutes of my runs, my whole body magically fills with this energy that I cannot explain (actually they say its adrenaline) and I feel AMAZING. When I come home I am always elated and never want to stop in those last ten minutes. It is truly a pleasurable feeling!

I’ll update you further with anything else and I really how you are joining me in this challenge. It feels completely worth it and just gets better and better!

As I am running in the city I would like to touch on the issue of inhaling pollution and the negative effects it has on our bodies’ cells and how to counteract these effects. This post will be coming soon, I swear!

Have an awesome Tuesday. And check out the new How I Met Your Mother episode, it should be online today!

Thanks for reading!

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30 Day Running Challenge!!

If there is one thing I ask of you during this running challenge, it is to hold me accountable!

I recently read an article about the brain and the benefits that cardio exercise has on your brain.These include:

  • Emotional balance
  • Mental Clarity
  • Alertness
  • Rebalancing hormones
  • Strengthening neurons

I  concluded that I want these things.

When I was 19 years old, I ran nearly everyday for at least 6 months and I remember how “clear” my mind felt and how much stronger emotionally I was. Nothing ever seemed to phase me. I want this again. Sometimes the stress of living in a new country takes its toll, and I am sure that exercising can help me out!

The article goes on to say that living beans are made to move and if we don’t move we are going against nature. Brains essentially need movement to function in the proper manner. Without movement, our brain activity decreases and we make ourselves susceptible to brain disorders such as Parkinson’s and dementia (heredity is another factor in obtaining those diseases).

The point is, the article convinced me. I can’t stop remembering all those good feelings I used to have when I went running and I really want them back.

Here is my plan:

  • Run 2 days, have one day off, continue
  • Week 1: 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking, continue
  • Week 2: 5 minutes running, 1 minute walking, continue
  • Week 3: 10 minutes walking, 1 minute walking, continue

Then I will continue doing 10s and 1s until the 30 days is up, when I hope that I will want to continue this forever!

I have heard many great things about running 10 minutes and then walking 1 minute. This is something that The Running Room teaches in their courses and what I was taught when I attended a running course with Lululemon, years back. They say that the one minute of rest powers your body to go even faster during the 10 minutes of running. The running instructor says that with this technique she was passing all the runners who never stopped, during a full marathon, for the reason being that her speed kept increasing the whole time!

Anyways, I figure that blogging about it will really motivate me to actually do it!

6am is the wake up time tomorrow!

I can do it!